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Flossie 28cm Golliwog


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Mini Jem 21cm Golliwog

Girl Gollies Designed by Kate Finn Australia

Re Populating Girl Gollies – we are waiting on more stock to arrive mid April 2017. You can view designs & pre-order via the Pre-Order Gollies menu on our website.

Girl Gollies designed by Kate Finn are superb, there is no other way to describe them! All the detail and the quality are of the highest standard and are easy to see when viewing Kate Finn’s range of Girl Golliwogs. New designs are released throughout the year some of them are quite limited in quantity as fabrics are bought and then the Gollies are designed around them. This makes a Kate Finn Golly very unique and extremely collectible. An authentic Kate Finn Golly will have the Kate Finn Logo Patch sewn to the body of the doll. The clothing is removable on all Gollies.

Personalizing Your Golly

Renaming a Golly – all Gollies have a glossy card swing tag attached which includes the name of the Golly. If you would like to request a name change to personalize your gift, please advise when placing your order in the instructions field when placing your order.

Doll Stands

Dolls stands are a very handy way to display your collection of Rag Dolls and Golliwogs. There are a variety of sizes available, click on the golly image and the correct size will be displayed below ready for you to add to your order.

Felt Gift Tags

First Birthdays are a very special occasion, add a First Birthday Felt Gift Tag to the wrist of your Rag Doll or Golly or to your gift wrapping. First Christmas and Merry Christmas are also available.