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Poppy 32cm Rag Doll

Rag Dolls 32cm Designed by Kate Finn Australia

Rag dolls 32cm are a cute and soft and are available in a variety of fabrics.

They are perfect for everyday use and to be carried where ever they need to go as their clothing is not removable so no pieces can be left behind or lost. These dolls have been designed with cute twirly skirts and contrast tights to add a more contemporary style to the Kate Finn range of beautiful traditional rag dolls.

Personalize Your Gift

Each doll has a Kate Finn swing tag with its name attached to the wrist. You can request a name change for any rag doll or golly in the instructions field when placing your order.

Doll Stands

Doll stands are available in a variety of sizes. To locate the correct size for your Rag Doll or Golliwog just click on the image and the correct size stand will be displayed below ready for you to add to your order.

Felt Gift Tags

Add an Embroidered Felt Gift Tag to commemorate such special events as a First Birthday, First Christmas or Merry Christmas. These handy little reusable tags can be tied to the wrist of a Doll, Baby Toy to Party Favor Bags, Christmas Trees or Gift Wrapping.