Chevron Patchwork Horse Baby Toy by Kate Finn Australia

Chevron Patchwork Horse Baby Toy


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Chevron Patchwork Horse Baby Toy Designed by Kate Finn

The Chevron Patchwork Horse Baby Toy is just one of the fabrics available in Kate Finn’s signature horse baby toy range. Kate Finn always offers a wide variety of fabrics and colours to suit all tastes and preferences. Kate Finn’s Chevron Patchwork Horse Baby Toy has hand stitched eyes and securely fastened satin ribbons to add that soothing texture that babies love. So make sure you stock up on our super soft Chevron Patchwork Horse Baby Toy for your baby! Height 29cm – Rattle Toy

The Kate Finn Toy Experience

Kate Finn has been designing soft baby toys since 1978. Recognized in the marketplace for high quality and beautiful fabrics, giving a gift designed by Kate Finn no matter how small is giving a gift from the heart. Baby Toys by Kate Finn are designed to be soothing or stimulating and with safety in mind. Collections are created to enhance baby room decor. Select a variety of complimentary shapes to make your baby gift a gift with a difference! Kate Finn designs fabric themes so that Baby Toys match Rag Dolls and our stunning range of Golliwogs.

Felt Gift Tags

Embroidered Felt Gift Tags – Kate Finn offers a variety of Gift Tags to commemorate important events such as First Birthday and First Christmas. Tie them to the wrist of a Doll or Golliwog or to your gift wrapping. Attach them to Party Favor Bags or hang them on Christmas Trees, as they are reusable the uses can be endless!

Kate Finn Baby Toys and Rag Dolls Go Animated!

Kate Finn is now creating short animated stories about “The Finnies” featuring Kate Finn Rag Dolls and Baby Toys. These short stories are a delight for little people to watch with gorgeous graphics and sweet characters. Episodes are available to download from Kate Finn’s Vimeo and YouTube Channel so you can keep little ones entertained for hours!

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