Green Dotty Elephant Baby Toy by Kate Finn

Green Dotty Elephant Baby Toy


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Green Dotty Elephant Baby Toy Designed by Kate Finn

Green Dotty Elephant Baby Toy is one of the characters featured in Kate Finn’s series of short animated films.  Kate Finn has created a series of short stories about “The Finnies” which feature animated toys designed and sold by Kate Finn. These fun and colourful short films are suitable for toddlers and children up to 5 years. You can down load all the stories from Kate Finn’s YouTube Channel. Keep little ones absorbed for hours watching all the exciting adventures of “The Finnies”!
Kate Finn’s Green Dotty Elephant Baby Toy is very soft and cuddly. Made of cotton velvet with appliqued dots in fun colours. The eyes are hand stitched and tail securely fastened. Height 20cm

The Kate Finn Baby Toy Difference

Because of Kate Finn’s distinctive and traditional style, our designs have always been outstanding in the marketplace. Their long lasting appeal has been maintained due to their amazing quality and the wonderful variety of fabrics that are used. Loyal ongoing interest is also achieved by introducing new up-to-date fabrics through out the year.

Each of Kate Finn’s baby toys are designed to engage the child in numerous ways.

  • The fabrics are colourful with interesting patterns to attract newborn eyes and every toy is soft and cuddly.
  • The embroidered faces are friendly and gentle.
  • The toys are trimmed with soft smooth satin ribbons and have soft little ears that children love to stroke.
  • Babies mouth everything so Kate Finn toys are safe and fully washable.

Because of their unsurpassed quality these products last for years and are often handed down through families, although many children form such an attachment to their favourite toy that they refuse to part with it. We are quite used to getting an SOS from a desperate parent when a much loved Kate Finn toy has been lost.

Options for Your Little Ones

While the quality of these baby toys result in a long life, children change and develop new tastes. Kate Finn offers a range of rag dolls and porcelain dolls for your child to enjoy as they grow older. Along with the delicate designs of our dolls, there is also an option to choose from the iconic golliwog range.

Felt Gift Tags

Add an embroidered felt gift tag to commemorate special events such as a First Birthday, First Christmas and Merry Christmas. These reusable tags can be tied to the wrist of a Doll or Baby Toy, to Gift Wrapping, Party Favor Bags and Christmas Trees.