Mary Anne 39cm Awake Asleep rag Doll Designed by Kate Finn

Mary Anne 39cm Awake Asleep Rag Doll


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Add that extra special touch to your First Birthday gift by adding an Embroidered Felt First Birthday Gift Tag.


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Mary Anne 39cm Awake Asleep Rag Doll Designed by Kate Finn

Mary Anne 39cm Awake Asleep Rag Doll has an awake and an asleep face.  She wears a pretty pink check dress with matching bloomers and the skirt has been trimmed with eyelet lace and lined with a white petticoat. Her clothing is removable and she carries her nightgown in her shoulder bag. Mary Anne 39cm Rag Doll is an heirloom quality Kate Finn original created for those who appreciate the joy of collecting and giving beautiful gifts!

The Kate Finn Rag Doll Difference

The rag dolls for sale at Kate Finn are heirloom products that are primarily made to be played with ie Mary Anne 39cm Awake Asleep Rag Doll – so safe, soft and cuddly with their perfectly sewn dresses, petticoats and pinafores in an amazing variety of truly lovely retro, modern and traditional fabrics. Their beauty enhances the décor of any child’s nursery. These items are an ideal alternative to our soft baby toys or the more delicate porcelain collectibles.

First Birthday Rag Dolls are another of Kate Finn’s iconic designs. A babies First Birthday is a very special event for both family and friends, to commemorate the special day Kate Finn has a variety of rag dolls with “First Birthday”embroidered on their pinafore or apron.

The majority of designs are made in limited quantities which makes them a very unique gift and extremely collectible. Their faces are either hand stitched or have detailed embroidery. The clothing on most dolls and gollies is removable so that they can be washed. In many cases they’re kept into adulthood; many children form an emotional attachment to their rag dolls which often remains throughout their lives.

Kate Finn Products Get Animated!

Kate Finn is now creating short animated stories about The Finnies featuring Kate Finn Rag Dolls and Baby Toys. These short stories have been beautifully crafted to keep little ones enchanted by the gorgeous graphics and sweet characters. Episodes are available to download from Kate Finn’s YouTube Channel so you can keep little ones entertained for hours!

Caring for Your New Items

All of our dolls come with clothing that is removable and washable. In the case of that occasional childhood accident, even the soft body can be carefully laundered. Place the doll body in a stocking to keep it firm during the washing process. Place in your washing machine on a cycle using cold or lukewarm water with a good spin cycle at the end to remove as much water as possible from the doll. Dry in the shade to prevent fading. Although you are able to wash your dolls, keep in mind that regular washing will lead to fading and they will no longer look brand new. Do not tumble dry your clothing or the bodies as they may shrink and the wool hair will matt.

Dolls Stands

Doll stands are a handy tool to help in the display of your Rag Dolls and Golliwogs. They are available in four sizes, to find the correct size for your doll just click on the image and the correct size will be displayed below ready to add to your order.

Felt Gift Tags

Add that extra special touch to your gift by adding an Embroidered Felt Gift Tag. Special events such as First Birthday, First Christmas and Merry Christmas are available to be tied to the wrist of a doll or to Party Favor Bags, Christmas Trees and the like. The uses are endless for these reusable gift tags.

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