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Ling Ling Limited Edition Porcelain Doll

Pauline Dolls Sold by Kate Finn Australia

SEARCHING for particular Pauline Dolls or Dolls by Pauline? Kate Finn is now selling her collection of original samples of Pauline Dolls. Some are original samples or at least very early numbers in the edition. Contact us via info@katefinn.com.au or 02 48691201 to discuss and arrange for photographs of a particular porcelain doll in it’s current condition.
Collecting ‘china’ dolls reached its height of popularity in the mid 1850’s. In the 1980’s a strong revival for doll collecting returned. The Limited Edition designs presented here are part of Kate Finn’s personal collection and were created by the famous doll artist, Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen (Dolls by Pauline Inc). She created over 300 designs dating from 1988 to 2006. Because this is a personal collection, only one doll is available in each design. Each one is numbered, bears Pauline’s signature and carries a Certificate of Authenticity.

Pauline began making dolls in 1978. She originally only created vinyl play dolls for children, however, in 1988 she turned to designing Limited Edition collectors’ dolls. The majority of her collectable dolls were made of bisque porcelain but there are also a few delightful Limited Edition vinyl baby dolls in the collection.

Porcelain dolls by Pauline have lustrous wigs, the finest Italian glass eyes and hand-knotted eyelashes. The clothing is exquisite – fabulous fabrics with detailed flowery embroidery in silk threads often with highlights of silver or gold and generous tucking. Stiffened tulle petticoats, bloomers, layering of fabrics, matching shoes and stockings – the detailing is gorgeous – each doll being an individual work of art in itself. Whilst they may not be for active play like rag dolls, golliwogs or baby soft toys, they certainly bring joy to older connoisseurs of the art. They also look gorgeous on display in little girls’ rooms.

About Pauline

Pauline was born in Holland (now the Netherlands). When she was a young child her father’s career took the family to live in the Dutch East Indies on the island of Java – now known as Indonesia. After the war, her sister Trudy (who was separated from the family during the Japanese surrender) was found living in the care of some nuns. Included in Kate Finn’s collection of Pauline’s designs is a doll called Trudy which is based on this story.

Pauline married a Norwegian, had three children, spoke five languages and lived in half-a-dozen countries spanning three continents. As an artist who studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, through her life Pauline painted portraits, sculpted, released a range of gifts cards and opened several beautiful homewares stores in Hong Kong, designing much of the furniture and accessories herself. Eventually, in 1978, she turned to doll making, becoming one of the world’s best known doll artists. Porcelain dolls by this stunning artist are highly sought after to this day.
Pauline sadly passed away in 2006 leaving behind a legacy and prolific range of stunning, vinyl, rag & finally Porcelain Dolls which to this day have not been surpassed by any other commercial designer.