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Mary Anne 39cm Awake Asleep Rag Doll

Rag Dolls Awake Asleep Designed by Kate Finn Australia

Rag Dolls Awake Asleep have long been one of Kate Finns most unique and popular doll designs.

We all know how toddlers love to play and put their dolls and toys to bed. Kate Finn’s awake asleep dolls have been designed specifically for this purpose. One side of the head of the doll has an awake face and the other side of the head of the doll has an asleep face. The faces are beautifully embroidered in detail with just a hint of blush to their cheeks. Clothing is removable and Mary Anne comes with her very own pretty nightgown.

Personalizing Your Gift

All dolls have a glossy card swing tag attached which includes the name of the doll. If you would like to request a name change to personalize your gift, please advise when placing your order in the instructions field of our order form.

Dolls Stands

Doll stands are a great way to display your Rag Doll or Golly. Available in a variety of sizes,  select the correct size for your Rag Doll or Golly by clicking on the image of your choice, the correct size will be visible below for you to add to your order.

Felt Gift Tags

For special occasions such as First Birthday or First Christmas, Kate Finn has designed embroidered felt gift tags which are re usable. Add them to your gift to be tied to the wrist of a rag Doll or Golly or as apart of your gift wrapping. Attach them to Party Bags or on a Christmas Tree, the uses are endless…